Thursday, April 10, 2014

Journey to Catering

Hello Everyone, I have decided to change my blog layout and theme. This blog will be dedicated to Catering, recipes and everything nummy. I will be posting events that I have catered for, information for those looking to prepare food for a event themselves, helpful information for those already in the industry. Hopefully my pictures (now that I have a new camera!!) will look like the real thing! Since I am not a professional photographer or blogger. Follow me as I educate myself and others as I journey through the mysterious world of owning and operating my own catering business!!

First off I will begin with how I started my path to were I am now. Being a Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, in M.N. I hold a diploma that entitles me to call myself a Chef...but that title is not to be taken lightly and nor do I believe you have to go to a fancy college to earn the title "Chef", if someone had told me before going to college that the degree would cost so much and not make that big of an impact on my income working in the food industry I wouldn't have believed them. But I learned the hard way, just a little hard headed!! I don't regret going to college. I was taught the profession of culinary arts and now can educate others. Two of my roommates became my best friends, that was the best part making life long friends! In going to college I payed for a brand, got a good education in how food can be served, presented and proper Chef like behavior. I would've got the same education interning under a good Chef...but they are sometimes hard to find.

After graduating I job hopped between lots of restaurant's never quite finding the perfect fit, but then again I have a particular way I want to cook and its not out of a box. I grew up on a small farm located outside of Tolna, ND, we raised our own sheep, rabbits, chickens, pigs, hunted deer and grew fresh veggies to be canned in the fall. I was taught to butcher animals and we ate everything we raised. Mom and Dad had 7 mouths to feed so we were taught from an early age livestock meant food on the table, not pets. Mom also educated us in Lefse Making! a tradition we still carry on to this day. We can sure make some great lefse! 

In the middle of my job hopping I had been dating a great guy from my local hometown, he wasn't sure what life had in plan for him either, we ended up getting pregnant, after having our first child we got married, he became a Farmer (which was his destiny and in his blood) I worked full time at a casino but the long drive was becoming to much for me and raising a baby with a farmer husband that worked the same hours as me (longer hours depending on what season it was) was not working for either of us. I quit my job, I loved working the line and I missed it something fierce! I loved the fast paced atmosphere in the kitchen!

 Before we had got married I had never even thought of Catering as a profession, in college catering was not that big of an industry yet so it was neglected. During the process of planning my wedding I had to settle for a local caterer, who's menu consisted of roast, mashed spuds and gravy. I had no other choices. In some ways as I look back now, God threw that in my path as if so say "Esther I found the perfect spot for you!" But I don't listen very well, it wasn't until a local Wedding Rental and Event Owner hired me to cook her a meal for about 150 people, that I was hooked! It was totally different then working in a restaurant kitchen, it was a challenge and I loved a challenge!! After some hard thinking , alot of praying,  too many sleepless nights and tons of research Modern Cuisine Catering was born.

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